ABOUT: YAP Revamp Works (YAP-RW) is a FREE fan made project to relive Yankee Air Pirate 3, a Wings over Vietnam mod created by John Shelton and dedicate to his and Mike Figursky’s memory.

Project Leaders: Andrea Richini & Maurizio Olmi

Project Supervisor: Giuseppe Valfré

Senior Tester & Developer: Diego “Madvad” Garcia

Senior Tester & Film Maker: Devin Horner

Senior Tester & Host: Allen Burton

Skinners: Karel Rodriguez & Simone Tornaghi

Testers: Sergio Yavoroy, Marty Nielsen, Paul Sims, Emre Mola, Vicenta Granell Sendra, Aaron Guerra

Upgrades: all ground objects by MPPD revisited by Nghengo, all new ones by Nghengo

Contributors: we would like to thank all the members of our FaceBook group for the support and help. In particular we thank: Alessandro Caronelli, Kevin Unruh, Antonio Pask, Luis Jose Boleas Remis, Przemek Starkiewicz, Claudio Wilches, Enrico Gennari, Mike Druzolowski, Mike Sinnot, Kevin Verdon and Roberto Minervini for their precious contributions.

Original YAP3 Developers: the YAP-RW Project contains most of YAP3 original materials, realized by some very talented modders and designers including: bobrock, Sundowner, Edward, Deuces, Hinchinbrooke, MPPD, Dels, Kesselbrut and many others.

Community Modders: we also say super special thanks to: 331Killerbee, ATARIBABY, Batman1978, Bunyap, Caesar, CAPUN, Centurion-1, daddyairplanes, Danilo, Dave, dtmdragon, FastCargo, guuruu, HrntFixr, Jarek Hereda, Julhelm, KJakker, Kulbit80, Menrva, Malibu43, MigBuster, Mod Mafia/TMF, MPPD, NeverEnough, Nghengo, Nyghtfall, Paladrian, Pasko, PauloPanz, Ravenshit, RussoUK, SF, Snailman, Snapper21, Sophocles, Spillone104, Suhsjake, Stary, thereg, trotski00, UllyB, Veltro2K, Viper63a, Wrench and yakarov79 for their amazing products.

Note: we really hope that you will enjoy our work and the one of all those who contributed in the project. We apologize if we forgot to mention one or more authors. If so, plaese let us know and we will immediately correct the credits list. Sorry!

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YAP-RW Credits List 2022