DAY04_1400 C17A Qeshm



Deliver M1A1 main battle tank to Qeshm airport.


C-17A, 305th/514th AMW, McGuire AFB, NJ


Single ship. Call sign: Gopher


1 X M1A1 tank

Delivery Parameters

Taxi clear of the runway. Open cargo bay. Select and drop tank while rolling slowly.

Game Play

The Army has taken the airport and the port on the Island. It needs overwhelming force if it is to hold such a large area or deter a small force from counter attack. They need armor and you fly the airplane that can carry a tank. Depart Ras Al Khaimah Air Base and proceed on programmed course to Qeshm Island. Land and deliver tank then proceed to Dubai International to park. This is a heavy airplane. It will not fly like a fighter. Make gentle control movements a long way from the airport. Make the airplane be where you want it. The runway is short. Land on the end the apply Thrust Reverse and brakes to stop in time. Without the tank, you can get off the ground using the full runway. With good planning, you will enjoy flying the heavies. Remember: Amateurs talk about strategy. Professionals talk about logistics.

COCKPIT_README: The cockpit for the C-17A is the B-1B pit generously provided by its author, Dels. He has requested that it reside in a free download area. The file in DOWNLOADS is “DelsPits”. Merely drop the C-17A cockpit folder into your Aircraft folder and allow it to overwrite. Then go fly.

Aircraft Animation Controls: See Preflight screen at mission start