DAY05_1200 B1B Khark Air Field



Military targets at Khark Air Field


B-1B, 9th Bomb Squadron, Dyess AFB


Single ship. Call sign: Austin


24 X Mk-82 high drag gravity bombs.

Delivery Parameters

Open the bomb bays, select all weapons and a suitable release interval to string them a moderate distance. You must judge your release point against your speed. Release before you think it is time and you should clobber the target.

Game Play

Depart from Al Udeid airport in Qatar and proceed on programmed course to Khargh Island. Acquire the airport on radar well in advance and plan your approach. A parked F-5EM should be easy to select at a distance. Speed and decoys are your defenses against the numerous guns and missiles. Go in fast and low and make it count. Then turn south continuing to counter SAM’s and find Zebra tanker for fuel to get home. Without radar, use your map. Also, you can type Shft-R when he makes a position report and that will allow you to toggle your view onto him. The two aircraft are well matched in refueling so it should be easy to simulate.

Aircraft Animation Controls: See Preflight screen at mission start.