Flight School-RW


The original YAP3’s “Flight School” pack was created by John Shelton and Mike Figursky in order to teach the players how to use and enjoy their mod much better than the classic training missions included in the first set.

Now, Flight School-RW offers the opportunity of enjoying the same missions but in full SF2 ambient, with better graphics, better models, countless enhanchements and greater immersion. And, of course, it is completely FREE!

Operating mostly in the “Range” terrain, you will find all 25 completely re-edited original training lessons which will take you from basic aviation to Top Gun training, to make combat missions more realistic and immersive.

As all YAP episodes, all lesson are about the actions of real pilots. The stories come from them and are true.


The YAP-RW project is a fan made SF2 conversion of the original Yankee Air Pirate 3 and is completely FREE. No costs will be applied, so just click the links below and download the files.

NOTE: please consider that Flight School-RW is available in two versions: a basic version, which needs YAP-RW Phase One in order to work, and a standalone version, with its own menu screens, music and other features.



The best and simplest way to install and enjoy Flight School-RW is as follows:

If you downloaded the YAP-RW Phase One addon:

  • unpack and put everything into your YAP-RW Phase One folder. If asked, overwrite. You will find all the training missions in the “Single Mission” screen.

If you downloaded the standalone pack:

  • make a fresh install of your SF2V or SF2NA and patch it to the last version (July 2013) Even best would be to install SF2CE (Complete Edition), since it is already patched).
  • Run SF2V or SF2NA once and let it create the “Mod” folder in C:UsersUser NameSaved Games. Then exit.
  • Go into that “Mod” folder and delete anything.
  • Download Flight School-RW from the link above, unpack it and move everything into the “Mod” folder. You can also rename or move it it if you like, but then you’ll have to rename it in the Options.ini file.
  • Enjoy the game. Just remeber to carefully read every single briefing before flying the mission. That will ensure a complete immersion in the situation, giving you all the instructions on how to successfullt complete it.
  • If you are a new user, we recommend to take a look at the ThirdWhire Strike Fighters 2 Series Online Manual. It will be very useful to teach you the basics beyond providing the complete list of key functions.


Original Flight School page (payware): http://yankeeairpirate.net/flight-school/