Today is the 49th anniversary of the beginning of the Battle of Ia Drang. It marked the first time that US and NVA regulars met in battle. To read about the battle, go here:

We cannot tell the tale here but will show some screenshots from the stories we were told by pilots in the battle. There are four:

651114 Air Cav. In this mission you lift from Plei Mei to take troopers to LZ Xray to engage an unknown size enemy force flying a UH-1D for B Company, 229th AHB.

651114 LZ Xray. Fly a UH-1B Huey gunship in close air support for the 2-20th ARA.

651115 Broken Arrow. Broken Arrow was the code for an American unit about to be over-run. It gives the commander access to any and all assets. Huns were scrambled from all bases. You fly one from the 481st Tac Fighter Squadron at Tan Son Nhut AB in Saigon.

651117 Short Round. Fly an Air Force A-1E from the 1st Air Commando Squadron at Pleiku to support closely engaged troops. NVA learned fast to get in close to prevent the fast movers from working. One Spad dropped into US troops which was called a “short round”. But the contact was broken.

We do not show the 96 B-52 sorties and only the stories we know of the 740 airstrikes. Although figures vary, the US suffered casualties while the NVA units were no longer able to fight due to heavy losses.