The Revolutionary Guards said they fired the missile as the stealth drone approached the area, 300km (185 miles) south of Tehran.

World powers are currently negotiating with Iran over its nuclear programme. Tehran insists it wants to keep its nuclear capabilities for peaceful purposes, but critics – including many in Israel – say this is a front for producing nuclear weapons. In the past, Israel has frequently threatened to attack Iran’s nuclear plants.

An Israeli military spokesman told the BBC there was no comment or reaction to be given about such foreign reports.

Natanz is Iran’s main uranium enrichment site, and contains more than 16,000 centrifuges.

The statement from the Revolutionary Guards said the drone was on course to fly over the nuclear facility at Natanz. If so, the fact that the drone managed to get so close raises questions about Iran’s detection capabilities. Iran has a wide array of Surface-to-Air Missiles (SAM). They are probably very good on point defense but their coordination has been called into question.

Several of their mobiles systems are pictured below. The Hawk is of US manufacture. The rest of their arsenal is Russian-supplied.

Hawk Anti-aircraft battery

Hawk Anti-aircraft battery


9K37 BUK


2K12 Kub