The F-22 has finally gone to war. The most expensive fighter in the world is also the most misunderstood. When it bombs, it deploys guided weapons from high and fast allowing the Raptor toturn away from defenses before it is in range of most of them…if they could see him.

The F-22 takes a leap of imagination to appreciate. It does not go out in great numbers lumbering under a huge load of dumb bombs with which to miss. They are not deployed into battle to seek out enemy fighters and, Top Gun Style, tangle with and out-hassle. They are a part of a very sophisticated system.

If you are an enemy, you will not see it or be told it is coming. You will be killed outside of twenty miles. It sees you and all your friends. It sends that information to all its friends. They are coming to kill you, too. The Raptor is a part of a weapon system that involves a lot more than an airplane and pilot.

And if you do manage to get in close, you then have to out fight a pilot more highly trained than you…and his wingmen…whom you do not see. Are you faster and more maneuverable? If so, turn and run.

  • Raptor taxiing out
  • Invisible in enemy airspace
  • AIM-9X
  • GBU32 and AMRAAM load
  • Specific target
  • Bombs away
  • The weapon
  • Raptor is Long Gone
  • Precision hit
  • On the money
  • The Essential Element