John Shelton

The YAP Revamp Works project is dedicated to the memory of John Shelton, F-4 Phantom pilot during the Vietnam War and creator of Yankee Air Pirate.

The project is also dedicated to Mike Figursky, John’s right arm and very talented artist.

” Mike and I met a dozen years ago on Combat Ace. I proposed a set of missions named Yankee Air Pirate and he wanted in. Neither of us were very good. He became the essential element of YAP. He was instrumental in defeating myth by creating refueling (along with me and Deuces). As usual, his part was the quiet grinding part that became the essential part.

He wanted all the carriers and all the destroyers so YAP has the best navy of any game (USN and Empire of Japan). He liked Navy missions and was the only other person who could trap every time. Crab made the first carrier, the Oriskany, which was our best example and still is. He insisted on the corrrect BuNo’s on our planes.” (John Shelton)