Yankee Air Pirate was an add-on episodes mod created in 2006 for Thirdwire’s “Wings Over Vietnam” (WOV) by the late John Shelton, an USAF F-4 pilot who flew more than 200 combat missions during the Vietnam War. He did not deal in fantasy.

All YAP missions were made after true stories told to him by who flown them. Also the missions from Rising Sun are stories from the War in the Pacific named from the man who flew it, no matter which flag he flew under. Even Flight School missions are a good representation of aviation training in the military. John liked the game engine for it’s  use of light and shadow and ease of modification. YAS created to tell stories to be relived and Wings Over Vietnam was a good story teller.

Unfortunately, John Shelton passed away in 2019, preceeded only for a few months by his main contributor, Mike Figursky. At that time, it was already very difficult to play YAP, which was intended as a Windows XP game and had many graphic issues and interminable loading times.

So, in 2021 a group of players and fans decided to try a full conversion project, in order to make Yankee Air Pirate playable in Strike Fighters 2 ambient, the second generation of ThirdWire’s games. This project is called YAP Revamp Works, or YAP-RW.

YAP-RW objective is to convert all John Shelton’s original products for SF2, not only YAP ten episodes. And since there is no chance of having official support or contact with the original developers, all YAP-RW releases are completely FREE.

If anyone would like to join the project and help the team in this remake, please contact us. The best way is FaceBook: YAP_Revamp_Works