YAP Revamp Works: Ready Phase One!


Nothing could make me happier than having some version of Yankee Air Pirate live on. Please feel free to do whatever you need to to make it work.

If somewhere on the site, there was a small recognition for John and Mike Figursky, that would be amazing. Please let me know anything I can do to support or assist you.

I’m so very glad you want to make this continue. John was an amazing artist and programmer, and I love the idea of having some of his work continue.

(Martha Groszewski, November 15th 2021)


The YAP-RW Team is proud to announce the remake of John Shelton’s masterpiece, now available as a mod for Strike Fighters 2: 6 combat and over 200 historical combat missions reconstructing the most important facts of the air war in Vietnam, from 1954 to 1975.

Fly more the most iconic aircrafts and helicopters for the most important operators of the conflict: USAF, US Navy, USMC, US Army, RVNAF, RLAF, RTAF, VPAF, and… the C.I.A.

Fly through the skies and extraordinary landscapes of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, from the Battle of Dien Bien Phu to the Fall of Saigon.

Take off and land from more than 60 airfields, bases and dirty strips, 16 historically accurate carriers patrolling the Gulf of Tonkin and the Mekong Delta or from LSTs and ATCs in the Brown Waters.

Re-live the heroic experiences of many of the men who fought one of the most intense air combat in history.

Re-enact real dogfights, strikes, CAS, transport, rescue, reconnaissance and many other tasks explained by accurate briefings.

Yankee Air Pirate – Revamp Works: Phase One

Real combat missions flown by real people


The YAP-RW project is a fan made SF2 conversion of the original Yankee Air Pirate 3 and is completely FREE. No costs will be applied, so just click the links below and download the files.

YAP-RW Phase One V. 2.5.1

(the Version 2.0 includes all the bug fixes previously relased, the Thud Pack and some other improvements)


The best and simplest way to install and enjoy YAP-RW Phase One is as follows:

  • Make a fresh install of your SF2V or SF2NA and patch it to the last version (July 2013) Even best would be to install SF2CE (Complete Edition), since it is already patched).
  • Run SF2V or SF2NA once and let it create the “Mod” folder in C:\Users\User Name\Saved Games\. Then exit.
  • Go into that “Mod” folder and delete anything.
  • Download YAP-RW from the link above, unpack it and move everything into the “Mod” folder. You can also rename or move it it if you like, but then you’ll have to rename it in the Options.ini file.
  • Enjoy the game. Just remeber to carefully read every single briefing before flying the mission. That will ensure a complete immersion in the situation, giving you all the instructions on how to successfullt complete it.
  • If you are a new user, we recommend to take a look at the ThirdWhire Strike Fighters 2 Series Online Manual. It will be very useful to teach you the basics beyond providing the complete list of key functions.




We would like to say THANKS to all the people who contribute to this project. To read the credits click here.

In order to improve the visual experience of the mod, and to update and enhance the graphic effects, we have used a lot of top quality materials realized through the years by many very skilled autors and modders. Enclosed in the packages there is the complete list of what is included in the YAP-RW Project, also downloadable in this page.

We really hope that you will enjoy our work and the one of all these modders and we apologize if we forgot to mention one or more authors. If so, plaese let us know and we will immediately correct the credits list. Sorry!

We say super special thanks to: 331Killerbee, ATARIBABY, Batman1978, BobRock, Bunyap, Caesar, Centurion-1, daddyairplanes, Danilo, Dave, Dels, dtmdragon, FastCargo, Gepard, HrntFixr, Jarek Hereda, Julhelm, Kesselbrut, KJakker, Kulbit80, Menrva, Malibu43, MigBuster, Mod Mafia/TMF, MPPD, NeverEnough, Nghengo, Nyghtfall, Paladrian, Pasko, PauloPanz, Ravenshit, RussoUK, SF, Snailman, Snapper21, Sophocles, Spillone104, Suhsjake, Stary, thereg, trotski00, Veltro2K, Viper63a, Wrench and yakarov79.


Original YAP3 page (payware): http://yankeeairpirate.net/yankee-air-pirate-3/