Strait of Hormuz is the work of many hands. Some are hired. Some add their skills to help. Some are unknown.

AIRCRAFT: most of our aircraft were created by Giuseppe Valfré, a most excellent professional artist. He outfitted the entirety of Rising Sun and has done numerous aircraft for YAP3 and Flight School. In SOH, he is responsible for the AV-8B, A-10C, B-1B, EA-6B, F-5EM, F-14A, F-15C, F-15E, F-15i, F-16C Block 40, F-16C Block 50, F-16i, FA-18E, FA-18F, F-22, and X47B. Maurizio Olmi is responsible for the Mirage F1EQ, CH53E and the C-17.

TEXTURES: Sundowner has painted a score of aircrafts for us over time and his F-4 skin is still unsurpassed. For SOH, he painted the IRIAF Phantom and the Mirage F1EQ.

TERRAIN: our Persian Gulf terrain was provided by Edward and is based upon a freeware beta terrain created by Gepard.

ENVIRONMENT: the sky is the work of the Wizard, Deuces, to whom YAP is eternally grateful.

SHIPS: most of Yankee Air Pirate’s ships come from Hinchinbrooke. In SOH, he created the Nimitz Class supercarriers, the Wasp Class Landing Helicopter Docks as well as the base model for the cargo ships, oil tankers, container ships and submarines. The LPD-15 Ponce was done by Maurizio Olmi, while MPPD did the Whidbey Island-Class dock landing ship, Comstock.

WEAPONS and PROPS: MPPD  has created most of our weapons and most of our ground props. They are too numerous to mention or remember.

MISCELLANEOUS: our C-130 was obtained from Dels long ago. We are using his B-1B cockpit in SOH in two places. Several cockpits were done by Kesselbrut and they are so good, we keep using them in the wrong aircraft. Many items were downloaded long ago as freeware from forums. Most has been replaced as computer power increased. Some are still too good to replace. We just have no idea who did them originally. Your work is appreciated even if you have not been.