Strait of Hormuz

Sixty missions in 6 days.

When it happens, it will happen this way

Yankee Air Pirate has always presented historical fact. Now we are releasing what is likely an unavoidable future. Experience what modern air war is like, the stress of combat, the threats real pilots face during a mission.
It's not just about "pushing buttons." The danger is real and this is how it will happen.

Strait of Hormuz is your front row seat to history before it  happens.

Strait of Hormuz for Thirdwire's Wings Over Vietnam

Persian Gulf Terrain

Iran is the mortal enemy of Israel. Iran was rushing to create nuclear bombs when the world stopped them with sanctions.  It is impossible for Israel to accept a nuclear armed Iran. Those are the facts. Twice in the past, they have attacked facilities feared to be making atomic bombs, in Iraq and in Syria. Now, negotiations are being held between world powers and Iran to end their nuclear program and rejoin the community of nations. In the end, it is Israel who must be willing to accept an agreement and trust it to be vigorously enforced forever. Forever.

We contend those negotiations will fail to satisfy Israel security needs even if they placate an oil-hungry Europe and American politics. On a day in the near future the Israeli Air Force will take to the sky at night, refuel somewhere near Lebanon and turn east to the Persian Gulf. Whatever route they take, they will arrive at their targets at dawn; Arak, Natanz, Isfahan and Fordow.

Israel does not have the ability to sustain a long distance campaign and can only set the Iranian program back, some say making the rush to a bomb a certainty. This would lead to an arms race in the least stable part of the world. But Israel will have to attack and attack alone. They can hope that the United States will bring its power to bear against Iran but that support is no longer certain.

But with or without friends, they will attack and with their usual creativeness, they will succeed for that one day.

Iran will respond. Possibly they will fire missiles at Israel. They might make good their threat to fire missiles at American installations in Gulf states. But their most powerful weapon is to attack shipping and close the Strait of Hormuz. Doing that will throw the world's economies into a free fall. It will activate the United States' long term commitment to Freedom of the Seas. The US Navy will commence to reopen the Strait with overwhelming firepower. Iran will not be a pushover.

Strait of Hormuz is an add-on to the Thirdwire game, Wings Over Vietnam. The 60 missions included are the logical first days of that event. We use the exact units in the field and at sea the day of game release, October 31, 2014 at dawn, Persian Gulf time. We use their serial numbers and bases and ships...for both sides in the conflict.

Make no mistake, militarily Iran will lose as you will see in SOH. But we present only 6 days. We do not know how it will end as wars are very easy to enter. As General David Patraeus stated about Iraq, "Tell me how this ends." We do not know. We think this is how it will begin.


Iran: F-14A, MiG-29A, F-4E, F-5Em, F1QE, F7M, AH-1J, C130E
Israel: F-15i, F-15C, F-16i, C-130E, MV-22, KC-707
US: F-22A, A-10C, F-16C/40, F-16C/50, F-15C, F-15E, FA-18E, FA-18F,  AV8Bplus, , C130J, C17, B1B, KC-10, EA-18G, MV-22, CH-53E, AH-1Z, AH-64D, MH60R, MH60S, HH-60, UH-60, AH-6E, MH-6E, X47B, MQ9.

Ships: CVN-77, LDH-5, LSD-44, LPD-15, LPD-22, DDG, CG, FFG

Mission List and Briefings

Strait of Hormuz runs on Windows XP, 7 and 8. You must have Wings Over Vietnam installed and patched to October 2008

We have not fully tested YAP products in Windows 10 and do not advise buying until we have.

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