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  • Rising Sun

    There is no sterility in these missions. There is an attention to detail in many of these missions that is impressive.

    Games in the past have neglected accurate ship models and how they really do impact the suspension of disbelief. Rising Sun doesn’t have this problem.


  • Yankee Air Pirate

    Yankee Air Pirate is the missing piece of WOV. It is an add-on in the truest sense of the word. It “adds-on” tons of stuff: troops, trucks, guns, boats, tanks, bridges, buildings, towns, textures, aircraft and missions… When you look outside the canopy now, Vietnam looks like Vietnam…

    Think of a mission as a chapter in a book. Each chapter tells a unique part of the overarching story.  The folks who created YAP are telling the true story of the air war in Vietnam, one mission at a time.


  • Yankee Air Pirate 2

    If you can go in and fly a mission that is real life, get to target, find it, destroy it, return to your carrier and actually land, that is an achievement.