Yankee Air Pirate 3

Wings Over Vietnam was released in the mid-2000’s when computers were considerably less powerful. In spite of those limitations, it was a unique game. Since then, the game has been advanced considerably at Thirdwire. Much of its evolution was the work of hundreds of people creating freeware and payware mods.

Yankee Air Pirate was created by people who saw the aircraft at war and their targets. We thought that more realism was within reach. We added all the various air tankers and the ability to take on fuel when needed because modern air war is conducted because of aerial refueling. We made helicopter models fly like helicopters because Vietnam was where helicopters came of age. We added jungles and clouds to the shadows and moving water that Thirdwire added later.

Introducing Aerial refueling

We turned the flat terrain...

We took the vacant airfields…

...and accurate helicopter flight model

…into the villages where people lived.

…and brought them to life.

And, we introduced YAP carriers which we think have never been matched.

Now, we can present a stylized version of reality that lets the player make the leap into the mission and into the moment it was flown. All our missions come from people, not Google. While they are not all important moments in history, they are all an opportunity to witness the various skills and dangers the aircrews faced in Southeast Asia.

Our missions begin on the last day of the Battle of Dien Bien Phu when the first Yankee air pirate was killed and ends on a rooftop at the fall of Saigon. We include only what told to us and that covers most of it.

Some of what is in YAP can be found for free. We use freeware ourselves. So why buy YAP? Because with one installation, you have the game up and running so you can read the briefing and fly. You do not spend your time seeking then adapting the game piecemeal. We are an email or Facebook post away at all times.

Our episodes are about the actions of pilots. The stories come from them and are true

Included in Yankee Air Pirate 3

Introducing: Ticonderoga, KC-135, A-1E, C-47, UH-1B, UH-1D. RF-8G


  • 640805 Quang Khe Ferry A4-E 
  • 651114 LZ Xray UH-1D 
  • 651114 Air Cav UH-1B
  • 651115 Broken Arrow F-100D
  • 651117 Short Round A-1E
  • 661121 Michelin Rubber F-100D
  • 670310 Thai Nguyen Steel F-105D
  • 670514 Gunfighters F-4C
  • 670811 Paul Doumer Bridge F-105D 
  • 680131 Seawolves UH-1B
  • 680207 Battle of Lang Vei F-4C
  • 680224 Tet Offensive / Hue F-4B
  • 680207 Brass Balls F-8E
  • 700329 Bunny Trail F-4E
  • 701120 Scramble Phu Bai F-4E


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We have not fully tested YAP products in Windows 10 and do not advise buying until we have.

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Yankee Air Pirate 3 Mission Sets

Expand your Yankee Air Pirate experience with more missions, new flyable airplanes, thousands of new objects!

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