Strait of Hormuz – Mission List

Day 1 - Israel Strikes

DAY01 0530 F-15I Israeli jets attack heavy water facility at Arak.
DAY01 0531 F-16I Destroy Hawk and HQ-2 SAM sites on Arak raid.
DAY01 0540 F-15I Bomb uranium enrichment facility at Natanz.
DAY01 0545 F-14A Engage Israeli raid then recover to Deznel.
DAY01 0550 F-15C Fend off Iranian fighters on Natanz raid.
DAY01 0600 F-16I Fly SEAD mission to Isfahan nuclear facility.
DAY01 0640 F-14A Intercept Israeli tanker over the Persian Gulf.
DAY01 0642 F-16I Arrive at tanker track to find them under attack.
DAY01 0700 MV-22 Deploy a team of Israeli commandos at Fordow.
DAY01 0830 AH-1J Intercept an approaching drone and destroy it.
DAY01 0900 MH-60S Rescue a downed Israeli pilot in the Gulf.

Day 2 - Iran Reacts

DAY02 1000 MQ-9 Reconnaissance of Bandar Abbas port facilities.
DAY02 1115 F-4E  Attack oil tankers in the Strait of Hormuz.
DAY02 1130 F-4E Attack a US Navy frigate in the Persian Gulf.
DAY02 1200 AH-64 Defend oil tanker under attack by speedboats.
DAY02 1630 FA-18E Attack parked fighters at Bandar Abbas.
DAY02 2130 FA-18F Destroy Iranian Kilo Class subs in port.

Day 3 US Hammer falls

DAY03 0630 FA-18F Strike mini subs and mine layers in port.
DAY03 0740 MH-60R Attack mini sub laying mines.
DAY03 0800 A-10C Attack speedboats at Abu Musa Island.
DAY03 0900 FA-18F Find and destroy the last Kilo Class sub.
DAY03 0920 AH-1Z Defend LPD from speedboat swarm.
DAY03 0940 F-16C Block 40  Combat air patrol northern Gulf.
DAY03 1030 F-15E Bomb parked aircraft at Dezful.
DAY03 1145 MiG-29A Defend Dezful from US attackers.
DAY03 1400 F-16 Block 50 Fighter sweep of desert strip.
DAY03 1830 AH-64 Attack speedboats at docks on mainland.

Day 4 Temporary Beachhead

DAY04 0600 AH-6E Close air support. Qeshm Island airport raid.
DAY04 0605 MH-6E Deploy Rangers at Qeshm.
DAY04 0615 UH-60 Reinforce Rangers with a fire team at Qeshm.
DAY04 0620 A-10C Destroy defending forces at Qeshm.
DAY04 0700 AH-1Z Hunt and destroy Silkworm missiles.
DAY04 0730 B-1B Attack airport facilities at Kharg Island.
DAY04 0800 AV-8B Interdict Naband River Bridge.
DAY04 0815 F-5EM Iranian raid on Bahrain Naval Base.
DAY04 0900 MV-22 Land troopers at Kolahi beachhead.
DAY04 0910 CH-53E Sling load Humvee from LSD to beach.
DAY04 0940 AH-1J Attack US landing forces.
DAY04 1000 AV-8B Shoot down Iranian helicopters.
DAY04 1100 F-15E Interdict bridge near Bandar e-Mahtabi.
DAY04 1300 FA-18F Attack Rajaei Port.
DAY04 1600 F-16C Block 50 Attack Havadarya helipad.
DAY04 1610 Mirage F-1EQ Intercept raid from Bushehr.
DAY04 1630 F-15E Attack Khomeini port facilities.
DAY04 1631 F-15C Escort raid on Khomeini.

Day 5 Iran fights back

DAY05 0730 FA-18E Defend carrier against attacking IRIAF fighters.
DAY05 0815 AH-1Z  Destroy counter attack at Hara Tiab bridge.
DAY05 0900 C-130E Deploy paratroopers at Naband River Bridge.
DAY05 1145 F-4E Attack US Navy LPD in the Strait.
DAY05 1230 FA-18E Attack facilities at Nang and defending fighters.
DAY05 1245 F-22 Fighter sweep near Bushehr.
DAY05 1700 FA-18F Destroy Control Center Khargh Island.

Day 6 Marines removed

DAY06 0445 X-47B Armed Reconnaissance of Route 96.
DAY06 1045 MV-22 Marines reinforce at Kuligan.
DAY06 1100 AV-8B Close air support at Kuligan.
DAY06 1120 F-7M IRIAF close air support at Kuligan.
DAY06 1140 AH-1Z Attack forces massed at Hara Tiab.
DAY06 1530 A-10C Interdict reinforcements on Route 96.
DAY06 1545 A-10C CSAR of downed pilot near Lavar.
DAY06 1600 HH-60 Pick up of pilot near Lavar.
DAY06 1630 X-47B Bomb Iranian Revolutionary Guards Army HQ