DAY04_0700 AH1Z Larak Island



HY-2 Silkworm Anti-Shipping cruise missile installation on Larak Island.


AH-1Z, HMLA-367 USS Makin Island


Two ship. Call sign: Hammer


8 X AGM-114 Hellfire missiles
32 X HEAT 2.75 inch rockets in LAU-3 pods
20mm M197 Gatling fun, 750 rounds

Delivery Parameters

Select Enemy targets and weapon. If Hellfires, center target in HUD target box for an accurate shoot. Hellfires can be fired too close (within 1 mile) and miss. If close, select HEAT missiles. If very close, use the cannon.

Game Play

The subs are gone. The next most feared threat are large land-based cruise missiles like the Silkworm. Several have been spotted near the Strait. They must be eliminated immediately. Lead Hammer flight of two Zulus to Larak Island. STAY LOW to avoid detection. Do not expect to be able to acquire an enemy target until you near the shoreline. Stay low to avoid detection. Assign targets to your wingman. Concentrate on the Silkworm on their launchers as well as those on trucks. Beware of the SA-7 or SA-13 battery as well as small arms fire. Be ready to use flares to defeat missiles. Do not get in the way of a Silkworm being fired. When you have completed your mission, return to the Makin Island to land.

Aircraft Animation Controls: See Preflight screen at mission start