DAY05_1700 FA18F Kharg Island



Oil FIeld Pumping Control Building.


FA-18F, VFA-22, USS Carl Vinson

FA-18F,  Aerial Refueling


Flight of two, call sign Chevy


3 X GBU-31

Delivery Parameters

You must be locked onto the target and release within 4 to 7 miles out at programmed altitude and airspeed.

Game Play

The US decides to attack economic assets but must do so without creating an environmental nightmare. Targeting control buildings will allow the shut down of oil delivery without igniting large petroleum storage areas. You are being sent to hit one of those site, a pumping station. To do so, launch from the USS Vinson and take up programmed heading. Select CTRL-T and fly most of the way at 8 times normal speed. When approaching the Island, CTRL-R will return you to normal speed. E will find the target. Select the bombs and drop within parameters. You may get your wingman to attack the main target so you can hit others. There will be a lot of SAM activity but you should be able to defeat it. Once you have destroyed the target, return to programmed course south and intercept Zebra who is an FA-18 with a buddy tank. Deploy your probe and take on enough fuel to assure your ride home. Then find the Vinson and trap.

Aircraft Animation Controls: See Preflight screen at mission start.