DAY04_1610 Mirage F1EQ Bushehr CAP



Intercept US Navy strike fighters headed north toward Khargh Island.


Mirage F1EQ, IRIAF


Two ship. Call sign: Tiger


2× AIM-9 Sidewinders
2× Super 530Fs underwing
2× 30 mm DEFA 553 cannons with 150 rounds per gun

Delivery Parameters

Acquire and select target. Know the radar options. If in close, shift to Boresight if your missiles need a lock. Otherwise, maneuver into their rear quadrant, close to Sidewinder range and shoot. If in very close, use your guns sparingly.

Game Play

US fighters are detected flying north up the Gulf on bombing missions. Your mission is to attack them. If they jettison their bombs and fuel tanks, consider that a win and save your airplane for another flight. You ae to lead Tiger flight of two from Bushehr International west out over the Gulf to intercept a flight of Navy strike fighters headed for Khargh Island. Work quickly as they will drop their role as bomber and switch to fighter rapidly and they are heavily armed. When you attack, they may jettison their ordnance. If so, it is not necessary to shoot them all down to succeed. Return to Bushehr, land and deploy your drag chute then taxi to parking.

Aircraft Animations: Refer to the Preflight page visible before you push the FLY button