DAY01_0900 MH60S SAR



Israeli pilot in a raft in the Persian Gulf


MH-60S, HSC-9 USS Makin Island


Call sign: Tuna



Delivery Parameters

A “rescue” occurs when you “disappear” the pilot from the raft with the Rescue Device (gun). You must be directly overhead and within 100 feet, the length of the winch line.

Game Play

Your ship has received an emergency call from an Israeli pilot ejecting over the Gulf near your position. Although it will be interpreted as proof that the US was party to the raid, you would pick up a downed Iranian pilot just as quickly. Launch from the deck of the USS Makin Island and turn on the programmed heading to the north. When nearing the downed pilot, you will see his red smoke. Open the cargo bay. Toggle the rescue winch. Decelerate and descend to about 100 feet above the water. Increase the thrust vector to a near hover and pass over the pilot. PULL THE TRIGGER. When he is “rescued”, an empty raft will mark his place. Reverse all the animations and return to the Makin Island to land.

Your surface radar is helpful in finding the pilot and finding the LHD on return. Practicing in Flight School makes this easy.

Aircraft Animation Controls: See Preflight screen at mission start