DAY06_1140 AH1Z Hara Tiab



Port area. Massing forces. Destroy everything.


AH1Z, USMC HMLA-367, USS Makin Island


Call sign: Cobra


8 X AGM-114 Hellfire missiles
32 X HEAT 2.75 inch rockets in LAU-3 pods
20mm M197 Gatling fun, 750 rounds

Delivery Parameters

Select Enemy targets and weapon. If Hellfires, center target in HUD target box for an accurate shoot. Hellfires can be fired too close (within 1 mile) and miss. If close, select HEAT missiles. If very close, use the cannon.

Game Play

The Marines have completed their mission and are withdrawing from the beachhead. This is a dangerous time. Iranian reinforcements are starting to arrive in increasing mass while US assets are decreasing. That leaves air power to fight rear guard actions. There is a concentration of land and water assets up the coast. You should be able to destroy almost all of it. Depart from your LZ near the beachhead. Fly west to the port area. Destroy everything of military value. Use Hellfires. Slow to stay in the correct range parameters. Then close in and use the 2.75″ rockets and gun on anything remaining. When your mission is complete, fly east towards the LZ. About halfway there, head out to the Makin Island or any other deck and land.

Aircraft Animations: