DAY01_0530 F15I Arak



Reactor building. Arak Heavy Water production facility.


F-15i Ra’am. 69 Squadron, Israeli Air Force


F-16i 253 Squadron, Iron Hand

F-15c 133 Squadron, Combat Air Patrol

KC-707,  Aerial Refueling


Flight of two, call sign Viper


1 X GBU-24

Delivery Parameters

You must be locked onto the target and release within 4 to 7 miles out at programmed altitude and airspeed.

Game Play

For the third time in its history, Israel feels it must destroy an enemy’s nuclear program. You have launched in the dark, refueled over the Mediterranean Sea and crossed Iraq to reach Iran at dawn. The mission begins in flight as the sun rises. You have crossed the Iraq/Iran border near Kermanshah helicopter base. Proceed on programmed course to the Arak Heavy Water production facility. Your target is the unfinished reactor building. After bomb release, follow course to the Persian Gulf, intercept your tanker and refuel. The mission ends when you are taking fuel at that tanker. His call sign is Zebra. He may look different than you expect.

Aircraft Animation Controls: See Preflight screen at mission start.