DAY02_1630 FA18E Bandar Abbas



Parked fighters at Bandar Abbas International Airport.


FA-18E, VA-81, USS Carl Vinson


Two ship. Call sign: Chevy


4 X GBU-12, 1 X AIM-7P, 2 X AIM-9x, 4 X AIM120C

Delivery Parameters

Acquire and select target over 10 NM out. If attempting a level drop, release at least 5 miles out at programmed altitude and speed. If under fire, dive at target and release at least 3 miles out.

Game Play

It is imperative that the F-4 Phantoms capable of carrying anti-shipping cruise missiles be destroyed. They are based at Bandar Abbas close to the Strait. Aircraft are soft, easily damaged targets and they are reported to be parked in the open. Lead your flight from the USS Vinson to Bandar Abbas at programmed course. Nearing the target, turn on your ECM. If fire upon, use chaff when appropriate but maneuver is your best bet. Select the bombs over ten miles out and let them acquire the target you have selected. Have your wingman also drop. Down low, flares are a more appropriate defense. Do not get in range of the AAA. You can expect the IRIAF to respond. If so, know their position. Use your radar and your map (M for map). You can select an appropriate A2A radar and a missile that matches your range. Be aggressive. When clear, go back to the ship and trap.

Nearing the Vinson, type Y until you acquire an “aircraft” named BALL. That’s the ball. You can toggle your view onto it for realism but land with it off and the cockpit off also. We teach how to trap in Flight School.

Aircraft Animation Controls: See Preflight screen at mission start