DAY05_0730 FA18E Alert Five



Enemy aircraft approaching the fleet.


FA-18E, VFA-81, USS Carl Vinson


Two ship. Call sign: Hammer 12 wingman


3 X AIM-7P
2 X AIM-9X
4 X AIM-120C
20MM Vulcan cannon, 578 rounds

Delivery Parameters

Range is the key factor in which weapon to choose. Know the parameters and radar cues. The AMRAAM is flexible and accurate. The Sidewinder is for close range. The gun has limited rounds so be judicious.

Game Play

You are sitting in the cockpit on the catapult aboard the Vinson. Radar has detected Iranian fighters headed for the fleet. Launch immediately after Lead on an intercept course programmed into your computer. Use the radar and map to locate the enemy aircraft that are approaching. There is no need to visually identify them. A blip is an enemy. Use your missiles within range parameters and start shooting aircraft as soon as you can. If fired upon, it will most likely be an IR missile and your flare decoys should defeat it if you maneuver. Kill them before they get within launch range of the carrier.

Return to the Vinson and trap.

Aircraft Animations: Refer to the Pre-flight screen before clicking the FLY button