DAY04_0615 UH60 Qeshm



Qeshm Airport


UH-60, US Army


Call sign: Asp


8 US Army Rangers

Delivery Parameters

Land. Select the Fire Team and drop them.

Game Play

You are to bring a larger Fire Team of Rangers to Qeshm airport to secure it. As often happens in warfare, defenses have stiffened and the airport is not falling as fast as expected. You will have to put your Rangers down in the midst of a firefight. Heavy metal is inbound.

The mission begins with you en route across the Gulf to pick up Rangers from the deck of the Ponce. Follow your programmed course. Rely upon your radar and eyes to find the ship. Land. Then open your doors to load the troops. Take off and resume your programmend course to Qeshm airport. There is a fire fight so do not waste time. Deploy your troops and return to the Ponce.

Aircraft Animation Controls: See Preflight screen at mission start