DAY03_0920 AH1Z San Diego



Defend the USS San Diego against a speedboat swarm.


AH-1Z Viper, HMLA 367 USS Makin Island


Call sign: Trout


8 X AGM-114A Hellfire missiles
2 X M200 2.75 rocket pods
20mm Gatling gun 750 rounds

Delivery Parameters

To see the target on screen, you must turn the radar on. Select Enemy targets and weapon. If Hellfires, center target in HUD target box for an accurate shoot. Hellfires can be fired too close (< 1 mile) and miss. If close, select HEAT missiles. If very close, use the gun.

Game Play

Speedboats have managed to get within missile range without being noticed. Their intention is to sink your ship. You are the one capable weapon that can stop them. Launch immediately upon game opening from the San Diego. You are being attacked by a swarm of Iranian speedboats firing rockets. Use your Hellfires when distance supports it, rocket pods when closer, cannon when face to face.

Aircraft Animation Controls: See Preflight screen at mission start