DAY05_0815 AH1Z Hara Tiab



Enemy armor at Hara Tiab bridge.


AH-1Z, HMLA-367, USS Makin Island


Two ship. Call sign: Cobra


8 X AGM-114A Hellfire missiles
2 X M200 2.75 rocket pods
20mm Gatling gun 750 rounds

Delivery Parameters

To see the target on screen, you must turn the radar on. Select Enemy targets and weapon. If Hellfires, center target in HUD target box for an accurate shoot. Hellfires can be fired too close (< 1 mile) and miss. If close, select HEAT missiles. If very close, use the gun.

Game Play

An unexpected counter attack by Iranian armor generates a call for close air support against mobile armor. You have just the right weaponry for this threat. Launch immediately from the Makin Island and follow the programmed course at full throttle to the area of the fire fight. There are numerous targets but the most dangerous are the T-72 and T-55 tanks. Ural truck carry troops are also important. Beware of SA-7 missiles. You have decoys that should protect you. You and your wingman should be able to neutralize the attack then return to the Makin Island to land.

Aircraft Animations: Refer to the Pre-flight screen visible before pushing the FLY button