DAY02_2130 FA18F Ta’sisat-e-Bandari-ye-Bahonar



Moored submarines at the port for Bahonar.


FA-18F, VFA-22 USS Carl Vinson


Two ship. Call sign: Ford


4 X GBU-12, 1 X AIM-7P, 2 X AIM-9x, 4 X AIM120C

Delivery Parameters

Maintain programmed course and altitude. Acquire a lock on the target and drop around 6 miles. Look for dock lights on your panel to confirm you are aiming at the right place.

Game Play

The most immediate concern of the US Navy are the submarines, specifically the Kilo Class subs, of the Iranian Navy. They must be destroyed before they put to sea. An earlier reconnaissance drone has confirmed that they are all three in port. It is dark but the mission cannot be delayed. Launch from the USS Vinson and proceed on programmed course to target area. Use your map (M) and radar to maintain situational awareness. Know when you are approaching the docks and the Kilo Class submarines moored there. You will need to release ordnance 5 or 6 miles out. Do not maneuver if at all possible. You will become disoriented. Tell your wingman to hit the target also. If you select a weapon with a television screen, you should be able to see dock lighting illuminating the submarines.

After bombs away, return to the carrier to trap. Use your radar and map to find the carrier’s exact position. When close, type Y to find an “aircraft” named BALL. That’s the ball. It is also marked on the Map as a blue airplane. Use those cues to line up. The lights will be on. Configure. Relax but be aggressive and trap. We teach how to trap in Flight School.

Aircraft Animation Controls: See Preflight screen at mission start