DAY04_1630 F15E Bandar Imam Khomeini



Iranian naval facilities at Bandar Imam Khomeini


F-15E, 336 TFS. Seymour Johnson AFB, NC


Two ship. Call sign: Asp


12 X Mk82 GP bombs
4 X AIM-120C
2 X AIM-9X
1 X 20MM Vulcan cannon, 510 rnds

Delivery Parameters

Acquire and select target. For a level drop, when within 5 miles at programmed speed and altitude, drop them. For more accuracy, drop in a dive.

Game Play

As stated in an earlier mission, destroying port facilities denies the Iranian Navy the ability to intrude in US operations but on Day 4 there should be almost no navy left. It also denies Iran the ability to receive commerce or resupply from states eager to offer weapons. Your mission is not anti-ship but ships will be hit. Your objective is general destruction. Depart as Asp flight from Jubail Air Base in Saudi Arabia. Proceed along programmed course to the target area. Use your surface radar and map to orient yourself. Your target is the wharf area, not specific ships. Once you have dropped your ordnance, return to base, land and taxi to parking. You have sufficient fuel aboard to conduct the strike so no tanker will be available.

Expect SAM activity, both radar and IRR, and use your chaff and flares accordingly. Also, be ready for fighter defense. There have been several types stationed with in patrol range of your target. You have fighter escort and Iron Hand out front.

Aircraft Animation Controls: See Preflight screen at mission start