DAY03_1030 F15E Dezful Vahdati



Attack parked fighters at Dezful Vahdati Air Base.


F-15E, 336 TFS, Seymour Johnson AFB, NC


Two ship. Call sign: Dodge


4 X AIM-120C
2 X AIM-9X
4 X GBU-12E
20mm Vulcan cannon 510 rounds

Delivery Parameters

Acquire and lock onto the target before 10 miles out. At programmed speed and altitude, release the bombs at around 5 miles. If you are maneuvering, point your nose at the target. You may release closer in that case.

Game Play

F-5E’s from Dezful continue to appear in the air over Iran. Your mission is to catch them on the ground and destroy as many as possible. It will not be easy. The area is well-defended and the IRIAF will fight you. Depart Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar and follow programmed course to Dezful. Dezful Vahdati is a very busy fighter base. Attempt to penetrate and drop level but if defenses are intense, dive at the target. Also tell your wingman to bomb the selected target. After bomb release, depart the area immediately. You may be opposed by fighters so be on the radar and the map. Also, you will need to join on a tanker for fuel. It is a KC-135R or KC-10, Call sign: Zebra. Take on fuel then return to Al Udeid, land and taxi to parking.

Aircraft Animation Controls: See Preflight screen at mission start