DAY03_1830 AH64 Kohali



Attack boats gathered at port.


AH-64D, US Army


Call sign: Chevy


8 X AGM-114 Hellfire missiles
32 X HEAT 2.75 inch rockets in LAU-3 pods
30mm chain gun 1200 rounds

Delivery Parameters

Select Enemy targets and weapon. If Hellfires, center target in HUD target box for an accurate shoot. Hellfires can be fired too close (within 1 mile) and miss. If close, select HEAT missiles. If very close, use the chain gun.

Game Play

Some remaining naval assets have gathered down the coast at Kohali in the river mouth. You should be able to wreck the place. Depart the Ponce and proceed on programmed course to the north. Target and destroy all the boats of any type. Head out to sea and find the Ponce and land. If you have full up vector and airbrakes deployed, you cannot catch the ship so tap down vector two or three times and don’t go full up until just before touch down. B for Brakes. CTRL-I for engine off.

Aircraft Animation Controls: See Preflight screen at mission start