DAY01_0550 F15C Combat Air Patrol



Defending Iranian fighters interfering with the air strike. Expect F-4’s, F-14’s or MiG-29’s. Other possible defenders are F-5EM’s, Mirage F-1C’s and Chengdu F7M’s.


F-15C 133 Squadron, Israeli Air Force


Flight of two. Call sign: Mamba


4 Python 5 IR missiles, 2 AIM120C, 2 AIM7P, 20MM

Delivery Parameters

Know your range limitations for each missile and use your radar to gain advantage and firing position.

Game Play

The Iranians have remnants of an air force capable of disrupting the raid. Your mission is not to bomb but to hunt these fighters and stop them. Your mission begins in flight on the route beyond Arak on the way to Natanz. You will get a bogie call. Use your radar and you map to locate them. They have no long range missiles nor are their heat seekers all aspect types. Nevertheless, there are four of them in very capable aircraft. Knowing where everyone is will be the key to your survival and success. At all costs, you must keep them away from Viper flight, the strike aircraft. If you survive, proceed on course to the air tanker in the Gulf where your mission ends.

Aircraft Animation Controls: See Preflight screen at mission start