DAY06_1045 MV22 Kulaqan



Re-enforce Marines at ongoing firefight.


MV-22, USMC VMM-163 USS Makin Island


Two ship. Call sign: Dallas


8 US Marines

Delivery Parameters

Land . Open the rear ramp. Deploy soldiers on a slow roll.

Game Play

Iranian forces are attempting to move toward the beachhead as US forces are leaving. Air mobile forces need to be positioned to prevent any interruption of the departure. Take off from the flight deck of the USS Makin Island and fly along programmed course to the beach. Look for the LVTP-7 near the small cluster of houses to the southwest of the village. Pick a clear spot and land.  Open the cargo bay, select the Fire Team and drop them off. Then apply brakes, take off and return to land on the Makin Island.

Aircraft Animations: Refer to Preflight Page prior to pushing the FLY button.