DAY05_1245 F22 Bushehr



Enemy aircraft in the vicinity of Bushehr, Iran


F-22A, 7th FS, Holloman AFB, NM


Two ship. Call sign: Wolfpack 12, wingman


6 X AIM-120C
2 X AIM-9X
20mm Vulcan cannon, 480 rounds

Delivery Parameters

Acquire and select target. Know the range parameters. The AMRAAM is flexible and accurate. When within range parameters, switch to the AIM-9. In close, use the gun judiciously.

Game Play

Recent flights have revealed that the IRIAF is still challenging the US for airspace from bases in the north. Sweeps are being sent out to find and engage these remaining fighters. The Air Force is sending its premiere air superiority fighter out to deal with them. You will depart as number 2 in Wolfpack flight from Al Dhafra, UAE to patrol the area around Bushehr. The Raptor is a long range invisible killer so use its advantages. Simulate Stealth but using its particularly strong ECM function. Start firing missiles to even the odds as soon as it is practicable.  Keep track of the enemy using your eyes, the radar and your map. You are armed to fight at a distance and carry only two Sidewinders and limited cannon rounds. Still, you have a great edge over them. You need to open the weapon bay to fire the AMRAAM and the side bays to fire the Sidewinders. When you have cleared the sky, catch Zebra tanker off the coast and fly home to land. Taxi to parking.

Aircraft Animations: Refer to the Pre-Flight page prior to pressing the FLY button.