DAY04_1631 F15C Fighter Escort



Shipping in international waters through the Strait of Hormuz.


F-15C, 493rd TFS, Lakenheath Airbase, UK


Two ship. Call sign: Ramrod


4 X AIM-9X
2 X AIM-120C
2 X AIM-7P
20mm Vulcan, 510 rounds

Delivery Parameters

Range is the key factor in which weapon to choose. Know the parameters and radar cues. The AMRAAM is flexible and accurate. The Sidewinder is for close range. The gun has limited rounds so be judicious.

Game Play

Fighters from bases closer to Teheran have been moved south and may be available to defend against your raid. You must counter them before they can disrupt the bombing. Depart Jubail Air Base on programmed course. Expect to be intercepted in the target area. Don’t just grind around in circles. Use your map and radar and eyes (type T) to know where the opponent is. Work hard in the vertical to achieve launch parameters and shoot only with a solid lock and within missile ranges.

Any IRIAF type might be in the area operating from Dezful.

Return to Jubail. Land and taxi to parking. You should not need a tanker.

Aircraft Animations: Check Preflight screen before clicking the FLY button.