DAY03_0940 F16C_40 Combat Air Patrol



Conduct a Combat Air Patrol of the Bushehr and the area south. Stationed at Bushehr at various times are F-4E, F-5EM, and F-7M.


F-16C Block 40,  510th Tac Fighter Squadron, Aviano Air Base, Italy


Two ship. Call sign: Gunslinger 12, Wingman


6 X AIM-120C
2 X AIM-9X
20 mm Vulcan cannon 511 rounds

Delivery Parameters

Choice of weapons depends upon range. The AMRAAM is accurate at moderate ranges and should be used when there is no chance of friendly aircraft in the battle area. Once a fight has joined, the AIM-9 and a combat radar choice will be your best missile. In close range, use the gun sparingly.

Game Play

The rules of modern battle require that one achieve air superiority over a large area. The IRIAF still has capable aircraft that can be used against American forces. You are to go out on a sweep near Bushehr and find the aircraft reported to be operating in that airspace and destroy them.

Taxi from your revetment and join Lead who is departing on the runway ahead. Join and follow the programmed course easterly across the Persian Gulf then north towards Bushehr. Monitor your radar for aircraft. Upon receiving a bogey call, try to lock onto the fighters so you can start eliminating them early. Lead may fire before you find it prudent. When the enemy is close enough that typing T will reveal them, it is time to switch to short range weaponry. Do not black out or just grind around in a Lufbery Circus. Know the opponent’s position by eye, by radar, and by map. You can outmaneuver them if you think fast. We teach ACM in Flight School.

Return to Sheik Isa, land, deploy your drag chute (drop after leaving the runway) and taxi to parking.

Aircraft Animation Controls: See Preflight screen at mission start