DAY05_0900 C130E Naband Bridge



Drop paratroopers at the Naband Bridge.




Two ship. Call sign: Lion 12, wingman


24 IRIAA paratroopers

Delivery Parameters

Just before arriving over the target, drop them all.

Game Play

The IRIAF has practiced paratroop drops and will use their 45 C-130’s effectively. Very few have been destroyed on the ground and they have been dispersed to smaller airports. Follow Lead as he departs from Kish Island runway. Follow Lead and the programmed course to the target area. When on the final leg, a Ural truck will become apparent as an “enemy”. That is the drop zone. Select all the paratroopers, open the cargo door and drop them all. They are to land on the far side of the bridge. Lead will be dropping ammunition. Then, turn back and recover at Bandar Lengeh air base where another assault drop is being organized. Remember, a C-130 has thrust reverse and can get in and out of any runway.

Aircraft Animations: Refer to the Preflight screen visible before pushing the FLY button.