DAY01_0600 F16I Isfahan



Anti-aircraft assets protecting the nuclear facility at Isfahan.


F-16i Sufa, Israeli Air Force


Two ship. Call sign: Python 12


2 each HARM anti-radiation missiles

Delivery Parameters

Select and lock onto the desired target before 8 miles out. Fire when you are around 6 miles. Use your rounds wisely.

Game Play

Your two Sufa’s are charged with destroying the remaining SAMs guarding the nuclear laboratories at Isafahan. The mission again starts in the air over the Persian Gulf. Stay in loose route formation approaching the target area. You will arrive ahead of the strike aircraft. Stay in the target area until the strike is completed. Do not strafe the guns unless you absolutely must to save the mission. They are deadly. Then proceed to the tanker. When  you are receiving fuel, the mission is over.

Aircraft Animation Controls: See Preflight screen at mission start