DAY04_0600 AH6E Qeshm



Enemy personnel guarding the airfield at Qeshm.


AH-6E Little Bird, US Army


Call sign: Denver


12.7MM_GAU19, 1200 rounds

Delivery Parameters

Acquire and select target. There is no gunsight. Point at the target and shoot.

Game Play

There are several key islands with boat harbors and airports. Qeshm is a large island that can be used as a base to thwart US plans to open the Strait. The Army has been charged with seizing the airport and taking over the island. Defenses are not well-known. The plan is to land a team at the airport and clear it for aircraft. You are to make certain that team can land safely. Depart from the deck of the USS Ponce and fly to the airport on central Qeshm Island. You are the first element of a seizure of that island to prevent it being used against the Navy. Engage any enemy forces at the airport so that the Rangers can be landed there. When you are out of ammunition, head back to the Ponce and land. You do not have fuel to waste.

Aircraft Animation Controls: See Preflight screen at mission start