DAY01_0700 MV-22 Fordow



Underground facilities. Fordow Uranium Enrichment Facility


MV-22 Osprey, Israeli Air Force


Call sign: Bison


8 Israeli commandos

Delivery Parameters

Land . Open the rear ramp. Deploy soldiers on a slow roll. Then stop and wait.

Game Play

Lacking the assets to dig up the deeply buried facility, Israel has elected to send in a more lethal weapon…commandos. Recently acquired MV-22’s have range, speed and the ability to land like a helicopter. You need fuel, skill, and luck to succeed in destroying this most dangerous of nuclear sites. The mission starts in flight in the mountains. You are closing on a C-130E aerial tanker. Extend the probe, cant the engines upward about 45 degrees. (This starts the fuel flowing). Stay in position until full. You will need it. Break off and move the nacelles into full forward thrust position and fly the course into the target area. Land on the southwest side marked by yellow smoke. Open the ramp and deploy the soldiers. Wait for the previously landed commandos to blow the place then take off. Follow course to your same tanker. Refuel if necessary. Then fly the course to Jubail on the coast of Saudi Arabia to land.

Aircraft Animation Controls: See Preflight screen at mission start