DAY04_0730 B1B Kharg Island



Airport and facilities on Kharg Island.


B-1B Lancer, 9th Bomb Squadron, Dyess AFB


Single ship, callsign Austin


24 X Mk 82 High Drag bombs

Delivery Parameters

Select all bombs and a release interval. When reticule is approaching the first intended impact point, release them all. The faster you are going, the farther out you must drop.

Game Play

Satellite reconnaissance has revealed forces at Kharg Island airfield. It is a long flight and a soft target…one perfect for a Bone. Taxi out to take off to the north at Al Udeid Airbase west of Doha in Qatar. Proceed on programmed course to Kharg Island. As you near the island, turn on your ECM and descend to below 500 feet AGL. Align with the runway heading of 330. Open the bomb bay. Recheck that you have selected the bombs. You will be opposed by heavy AAA and SAM defenses. Use your speed and decoys to defend the aircraft. Meet a KC-10 sent to refuel you near Waypoint 6. Without radar, you will need to lock onto his radio call (Shift-R) after he reports his position or check the map (M).  Then return to base, land and taxi to parking.

COCKPIT_README: The cockpit for the B1B is generously provided by its author, Dels. He has requested that it reside in a free download area. The file in DOWNLOADS is “DelsPits”. Merely drop the B-1B cockpit folder into your Aircraft folder and allow it to overwrite. Then go fly.

Aircraft Animation Controls: See Preflight screen at mission start.