DAY02_1130 F4E Attack USN



A US Navy ship reported to be operating north of the Strait.




Two ship. Call sign: Tiger


2 each Qader anti-shipping missiles

Delivery Parameters

Acquire and select target. Point gunsight at target and when within 8 miles, shoot.

Game Play

A traditional leg of American Foreign Policy is Freedom of the Seas. Iran knows the US Navy is charged with keeping the Strait open at almost any cost and they will be present on this second day of the conflict. A ship is just a radar blip to a missile and the American Navy is sailing in harm’s way. Iran may choose to attack, convinced the US was party to the raid or it may come from over-zealous pilots. Depart from Bandar Abbas International Airport and proceed along programmed course in search of surface targets. Your radar will pick up burning ships from Lion flight ahead of you. It will also pick up friendly watercraft. Be certain you have identified your target. Then have your wingman fire at him also. If hit, he will list and burn. Return to Bandar Abbas, land and taxi to parking.

Aircraft Animation Controls: See Preflight screen at mission start