DAY01_0531 F16i Arak



Anti-aircraft defenses. Reactor building. Arak Heavy Water production facility.


F-16i Sufa, 253 Squadron, Israeli Air Force


F-15c 133 Squadron, Combat Air Patrol

KC-707,  Aerial Refueling


Wingman, Flight of two, call sign: Tiger 12


HARM anti-radiation missiles

Delivery Parameters

You must be locked onto the target and release within 4 to 7 miles out at programmed altitude and airspeed.

Game Play

Preceded by a Gulfstream modified as an electronic warfare platform, your job is to kill any surface defenses remaining to threaten the strike. You have crossed the Iraq/Iran border near Kermanshah helicopter base. You are a short distance ahead of the strike aircraft. Proceed on the wing of Tiger Lead on programmed course to the Arak facility. Your targets are the defenses en route. Use your HARM missiles. Do not strafe guns. They are deadly. Remain at the target area until the strike is complete. Then, follow course to the Persian Gulf, intercept your tanker and refuel. The mission ends when you are taking fuel at that tanker. His call sign is Zebra.

Aircraft Animation Controls: See Preflight screen at mission start