DAY06_1530 A10 Armed Recon Rte 96



IRIAA reenforcements discovered by X47 drone.


A-10C, 354th Fighter Squadron, Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ


Two ship. Call sign: Hammer 12, wingman


2 X BLU-27B Rockeye II
2 X LAU-68A_MK40_M151
6 X AGM-65K
6 X MK82Air
3X CBU-24B
30mm GAU-8A cannon 1350 rounds

Delivery Parameters

Acquire and select target. Point gunsight at target and when within range parameters, shoot. CBU and Rockeye for area targets only.

Game Play

The early morning drone recon revealed a large force moving east on Route 96. They might be able to reach the action if not stopped. Your A-10 was made for this particular target so they are being sent out, maybe for their last battle, to destroy machines on the ground. Depart as number 2 in Hammer flight from Minhad Airport. Join on Hammer Lead and proceed along programmed course in search of armor moving east along Route 96. Destroy armor first, then whatever else you can. When complete, rendezvous with Zebra tanker for fuel then return to Minhad to park.

Aircraft Animations: Refer to Preflight Page prior to pushing FLY button.