DAY03_0630 FA18F Ghadir Class



Ghadir Class mini-subs at shore facilities near Bandar Abbas.


FA-18F, VA-22 USS Carl Vinson


Two ship. Call sign: Mamba


22 Mark 82 Air High Drag bombs

Delivery Parameters

On the way to the target area, select all bombs to go at once. Select an interval that will string them out…100 ms, for instance. Acquire and select target. HUD will show impact point. When the pipper is on the target, let them go.

Game Play

Iran has acquired a small fleet of Ghadir Class mini-subs. They can lay mines and fire torpedoes. That puts them on the Navy’s list of important initial targets. Launch from the USS Vinson early to catch the subs in their berths. Proceed on course to the target area. This is a manual dumb bomb drop designed to cover a large area. Know when you are close. Keep your speed up but steady. Then turn for the ship and trap.

Aircraft Animation Controls: See Preflight screen at mission start