DAY01_0545 F14A Combat Air Patrol



Intercept attacking fighters. Expect F-15 Strike Eagles with an escort of F-15’s and F-16’s.


F-14A, Islamic Revolutionary Iranian Air Force (IRIAF)


Four ship. Call sign: Wolfpack 13, Second Element Lead


AIM-9 Sidewinder Missiles, 20mm Vulcan cannon

Delivery Parameters

Gain launch parameters and fire. That would be within a 60 degree cone of the defending airplane’s exhaust, within a mile and less than 2 G’s.

Game Play

Tensions have been high for weeks. A surprise attack by the Israelis has become probable. Flights patrol the expected attack routes. Your mission starts in flight. You are flying as #3. Your enemy has long range missiles and knows you are hostile aircraft. You must use your ECM wisely and get down low to close on the opposing fighters. Use your radar and your map. If you get a missile launch call, break off your heading hard and deploy chaff or flares. If you can get the strike aircraft to jettison their loads, disengage and run. Remain low and proceed to Dezful/Vahdati Air Force Base and land. Taxi to parking.

Aircraft Animation Controls: See Preflight screen at mission start