DAY04_0940 AH1J Kolahi



Landing craft and supplies at US beachhead near Kohali


AH-1J Cobra, IRIAA


Call sign: Lion


2 X LAU-3A

Delivery Parameters

Acquire and select target. Point gunsight at target and shoot.

Game Play

Iranians have been expecting landings are are prepared to bring in forces to push out the lightly armed Marines. You are sent to disrupt the landings as part of the counter-attack. You can do a lot of damage in a Cobra. Depart from Havadarya helicopter pad on programmed course toward the landing area. STAY LOW to avoid detection. If the US ships see you, they will kill you. Intercept a hovercraft going ashore and destroy it. Then use its wake to guide you to the landing area. There will be Stingers protecting the beachhead. If you get through, destroy all you can then head north to any airfield and land.

Aircraft Animation Controls: See Preflight screen at mission start