DAY04_0605 MH6E Qeshm



Runway in central Qeshm Island.


MH-6E, US Army


Call sign: Dallas


6 Army Rangers

Delivery Parameters

Land. Select the Rangers as a weapon and drop them. You can then depart for the Ponce.

Game Play

Your mission is to land a small team of special ops troopers at the airport so they can secure it for a larger party. An AH-6E will go in first to shoot up whatever is there. Depart from the Ponce and follow Denver in to the Qeshm Airport. Wait for him to shoot. Then fly to the parking ramp, land and deploy the Ranger fire team. Take off and fly to the Ponce. Fuel will be tight so do not waste time or get lost. Finding the ship is done visually.

Aircraft Animation Controls: See Preflight screen at mission start