DAY06_1120 F7M Airstrike



US armor attacking at Kulaqan.




Two ship. Call sign: Crab


2 X Mk81 bombs

Delivery Parameters

Climb to at least 4000 feet above target and enter dive bomb pass.

Game Play

Remaining air assets are to engage the US rear guard. Your F7M’s have a limited air-to-ground capability but might be effective in destroying any US armor or troop concentrations. Lead Crab flight of two from Havadarya Air Base and proceed on programmed course to the battle area. Look for two LVTP-7’s to the southeast of the village and bomb them. Be cautious to avoid the USMC Stinger missiles. To test them without flare decoys, is deadly. It is unlikely that Patriot missile systems have been brought ashore on an expeditionary raid but be ready to descend to the deck rapidly.

Aircraft Animations: Refer to the Preflight Page before pushing the FLY button.