1968 0520 Bonus Missions

We have also included three practice missions which can be played on the Range terrain from YAP Flight School. All dope sprayers are crop dusters. These will teach you how to spray, space, mark, turn and reenter a field.

You will need to have the YAP Range terrain that comes with Flight School. They use a Thrush S2R, a Thrush S2R Turbine and a Bell 47 G2. Practice spraying and get a feel for them if you are having trouble spraying accurately. They are not fighters nor are they transports. Drugwar features the T-65 and AT-80. Learn to fly them before they start shooting at you.

Cropduster1: Spray alfalfa field with R-1340 powered S2R. Our best model. To use autoflags, CTRL-O first. Bomb them to mark your swatch location. Practice spraying at a steady altitude and landing back at the nurse rig.

Cropduster1T: Spray the orchard near the dirt strip holding the aircraft wheels just above the trees. You will be flying an S2T, PT-6 powered Thrush.

Cropduster2: Same as above except you are flying a Bell47G2.

GeeBee is just a simulation of an Air Race we thought to pass on for the fun of it. Race around the smoke markers. Stay low and fast. It will be a useful skill in DrugWar.



Pests on cotton field and orchard.


Thrush S2R, ThrushS2T, Bell47G2, Gee Bee Z racer.




400 gallons spray mixture.

Delivery Parameters

To deploy autoflags, CTRL-O, select. Drop where you wish to mark.

To spray, pull trigger


To practice low altitude maneuver and spray skills.

Game Play

Cropduster1: Depart farm strip to spray the field to your right on take off.

Cropduster1t: Same as above but spraying nearby orchard.

Cropduster2: Same as above but with helicopter.

Aircraft Animation Controls: See Preflight screen at mission start.