1970 0812 Santa Ana Sonora




Smuggle 200 kilos of marijuana bundles from a dirt strip near Santa Ana, Sonora to Avra Valley Airport near Tucson, Arizona.


Cessna 206




200 kilos Marijuana in boxes

Delivery Parameters

CTRL_O to open the side cargo doors on ground. Select boxes and drop them.


Gone are the days when twin-engine planes could fly directly from Colombia to staging areas in northern Mexico. Those long-range flights raise too much suspicion on radar.

Now, cocaine shipments arrive in Guatemala and are brought into Mexico by land or boat, the Mexican Attorney General’s Office says. Small planes then move the drugs northward to avoid the army checkpoints that have sprouted across Mexico’s highways.

Drug pilots now must land in more-rugged areas because the government has destroyed 2,086 unregistered airfields since 2006.

As a result, almost all the seized planes are Cessna 205s, 206s or 210s: single-engine planes that can haul a lot of weight and have high wings ideal for landing on dirt roads or in desert washes. “They’re like a Volkswagen Beetle – they take a lot of abuse,”

Game Play

Use the Map and waypoints to navigate to the runway Arizona but do not rely upon the Autopilot. You need to fly on the deck below ridges and up river courses. Land and find the ground crewman with the lighted wands. Drop your packages there.

Aircraft Animation Controls: See Preflight screen at mission start.